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The Home Show Hoax

We Only Sell The Best Built Spas In The World!

 Read the 6 Reasons Why You’re Making a Financial Mistake



Reason #1
The spa dealer at the show is paying for:

a. Sales people who are making 5 times the commission than what they would normally pay the regular store sales personnel. These expensive sales people wouldn’t leave their hometown and work excessive hours on weekends while living out of a suitcase, unless they were making a high salary.

b. The cost to fly in these expensive, super closing sales people to the show, that use pressure tactics to make the customer buy now.

c. The cost of hotel accommodations and eating expenses for these super closing sales people. 

Where does the spa dealer at the show get this money to pay for these expenses??   FROM YOU by adding these expenses to the price of what you pay for their spa!

Hot Tub Buying Tip – Scariest Place To Buy A Hot Tub Is At A Home Show 

Reason #2
The invitation that they will give you to test out their spas is by sitting in dry spas. In our showroom, we have at least 5 units full of water and ready to wet test at anytime of the day. You cannot get a true feel in a dry spa as you do when you are soaking in them. It’s very important to be able to wet test them to insure that you are going to be comfortable in that particular model. This option is something that will not be available for you at a Home Show. If you would make a purchase of a unit they have on display, you would be making a blind decision, because you were unable to fully test it out first. This could be a huge mistake, one that will take away your excitement for hot tubbing and cause you to not want to use it on a regular basis. WOULD YOU BUY A PAIR OF NEW SHOES WITHOUT FIRST TRYING THEM ON?! The #1 reason that couples do not use their hot tub on a regular basis within 1 year after the purchase date, is because the hot tub does not suite their needs in at least 2 ways or more. It could be that the jets don’t hit the right areas to make a difference, the seat is too deep for your comfort, there is too much pressure, or multiple seats can’t be operated at the same time.

Watch Out for Hot “Deals”!

Reason #3
The “deals” that you see at the Home Shows are usually gimmicks. The “50% Off SALE PRICE” is really an inflated MSRP price. Even with the 50% discount taken off, you usually are still paying more than their regular price on that spa. Why is this? There are two reasons: A Home Show is an impulse buy. If you don’t get it today, the special will be gone and that is how they capture a lot of customers. The second reason you will usually pay more is because they have to make extra money to help pay for their booth space at the show. Unfortunately they can’t be giving you a better deal at the Home Show due to the extra costs that they incur in being there. The average cost of a booth alone is $25,000.  WHO PAYS FOR THAT BOOTH? YOU!!

Reason #4
A lot of the Home Shows are called “Traveling Circuses”. They are simply companies that come in to local Home Shows and affiliate themselves with local dealers in the surrounding area. They state that all warranties will be provided thru this dealer, but once the spa has been purchased from them, many customers find out that is not the case. They find that the spa is delivered by an out of town crew that just drops it in their driveway. A company that you can never get back a hold of when you have issues with your spa, plus getting parts under warranty.  ALL SEASONS IS PROUD OF BEING IN THE TOP FIVE IN THE COUNTRY FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION. BECAUSE OF OUR VAST INVENTORY OF PARTS THAT WE CARRY ON OUR TRUCKS, WE ARE ABLE TO REPAIR YOUR SPA ON THE 1ST VISIT SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR 2 WEEKS TO GET IT REPAIRED.

Reason #5
In the past, All Seasons has done Home Shows several times in the last 34 years in business, but you won’t see us amongst the chaos anymore because we believe you deserve a better shopping experience.  We don’t believe in the practice of moving the home owner thru the purchase as quickly as possible.

Reason #6
Dealers showing at the home show cannot duplicate what our showroom has to offer. There are so many different models at All Seasons! The amount of spas at the show could never satisfy every couple’s needs that are looking to purchase a spa. We are also a family owned and operated business that prides itself on a relaxed atmosphere. You may ask as many questions as you need as we walk thru the spas from head to toe and demonstrate all of the features. Stop in today and check out our great line of high-end quality spas! We promise we will find the perfect spa for you and at the best prices possible with no gimmicks!

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