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Spa Location?
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All Seasons Spa Buyer’s Guide

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a spa! Spas, also known as Hot Tubs have come a long way from the simple round redwood tubs of years ago. Modern spas are much more comfortable, durable, easy to maintain, and their rugged construction means years of therapy, relaxation and fun. Choosing the right spa from among the forty or more manufacturers with hundreds of models available on the market can be difficult, even confusing! We want to make your buying decision easy.  That's why we authored this guide to selecting the right spa for you. 

Why All Seasons?

At All Seasons Pool & Spa, we've been selling and servicing Americas finest spas for over 30 years and are True Professionals in all aspects of this overused term.  As the leading on-line and retail spa dealer, we've seen just about every spa on the market. Now our expertise in choosing spas for our customers can be yours.

We've done the comparison shopping for you, to reduce the time and frustration from your shopping.  We hope that our website will help you; but even more than that, if you're in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we hope you'll visit our great store to learn even more.


Four Questions You Must Answer To Choose the Right Spa for You


1. Where will your spa to be located? 

Spas can be found in backyards, sun rooms, basements, garages, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even aboard yachts. The modern self-contained spa needs only the room and access to electricity.  Your spa can be placed on a wooden deck, patio, and even a roof.  Sorry, not on bare ground. (more information) unless you prepare the ground with a concrete slab, pressure treated wood platform and if there is no chance of subsurface washout resulting from water flow from rain, melting snow, drain spouts, etc. You can also use bricks, patio blocks, pavers, or 2 inches of fine crushed stone. 
No matter where you decide to locate your spa, it is critical that the spa be level and the weight be distributed evenly throughout the entire spa. Never shim a spa in the corners to make it level. You must be sure the weight of the spa is NOT concentrated in the middle because that can result in a cracking of the spa's shell!   Our professional sales staff can help you find a solution for putting your spa on an uneven existing location.
  •  80% of spas are used outdoors, even in the coldest of climates! The remaining 20% are located indoors.
  •  Spas can be installed just about anywhere… down narrow stairwells or on the top of buildings!
  •  Best place to position a spa on your deck is in the corner or close to the edge because that's where the deck is strongest!

2. How many folks will be using your spa? 

  • Spas are now available to hold up to ten adults!
  • The bestselling spa has space for 5 to 6 persons 
  •  2 - person spa is approximately 4' X 7'   [about 2150 lbs. with water & 2 adults] 
  •  3 - person spa is approximately 5' X 7'   [about 3000 lbs. with water & 3 adults]
  •  4/5 - person spa is approximately 6' X 6'   [about 4200 lbs. with water & 5 adults] 
  •  5/6 - person spa is approximately 7 1/2' X 71/2'   [about 5000 lbs. with water & 6 adults]
  •  7/8 - person spa is approximately 8' X 8'    [about 6100 lbs. with water and 7 to 8 adults]
  •  9/ 10 - person spa is approximately 8' X 10'    [about 8000 lbs. with water & 10 adults]
  •  If you want a lounge seat in a spa, you'll get less seating, but more comfort!

3. Why are you buying a spa? 

Most spa buyers have considered the purchase of an in-ground swimming pool. They choose the spa because a spa is used five times more frequently than a swimming pool and costs approximately five times less. In the Mid Atlantic states, they compare the year round fun of a spa to the 3 months of a swimming pool. 
Therapy & Relaxation: If you've ever sat in a spa, you know how good it can feel when your muscles are tired or aching, and how mentally relaxing it can be. If you suffer from some form of arthritis or other chronic pain, you should know a spa could ease much of your discomfort. Why does a spa feel so good? Three reasons: warmth, water movement (massage) and buoyancy.
  • Fight Aging - Eventually, due to your natural aging, you'll benefit from the hydrotherapy a spa provides for aches, pains, bruised and tight muscles.
  • Buoyancy = stress relief: when immersed in water your body is 1/10th its normal weight.
  • Help you Sleep and cure some causes of insomnia because of its relaxing & soothing attributes.
  • Help Your Marriage with the quality time and fun couples have in them. Spas not only relax your body, but also soothe frayed nerves and eliminate tension.                         
  • No More Pain Pills - Folks using a spa use less aspirin and (according to Uncle Bob) some actually throw out their Aspirin bottles!Many professional sports teams have spas in their training facilities. Athletes and trainers know the tremendous beneficial effects of a spa.
  • Doctor Recommended - Doctors and physical therapists regularly prescribe spas for the relief of pain caused by some types of arthritis and short-term injuries. In addition, the jet driven force of the water enhances circulation, digestion and skin tone.
Family Togetherness & Entertainment: There's nothing better than a spa… you can use it all year long, winter or summer. It becomes the family gathering place and your prime entertainment center!
  • Make sure your spa has room for the entire family
  •  It is claimed that spas are responsible for more happy marriages than swimming pools! 

4. How much are you going to spend?

Sure, you can buy a spa at almost any home improvement store, but for the few bucks you save, you'll be giving up the high
performance of a super quality spa. Visit a quality spa dealer and see the difference. After all, you'll be using your spa for a
lot of years. Expect to spend about $3,500 to $12,000 for a super quality spa holding 5/6 adults. Oh yes, you can finance. The cost
difference between a real spa versus the cheap ones comes to one less monthly meal at a fast food outlet! So, eat one less burger
a month and enjoy the luxury of a super quality spa.

  • Usually, you get you pay for!
  • The definition of value is cost over time!
  • Size, features, quality of design, quality of materials & workmanship and the warranty determine the price of a spa!


Become and expert buyer

More Answers HERE at our FAQ page 

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