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Hot Tub Myths
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If you are thinking about buying a hot tub and you look at the media or talk to friends you are quite likely to come across some of these myths. Some are misconceptions; some are more what you might call, ‘old wives tales’.

We run through a few of the more common ones and give you the real story.

"Hot tubs are full of germs"

This is probably the most common myth. Sadly, it isn’t always untrue.

There have been instances where some public spas and hot tubs were not as well maintained as they should have been but your own hot tub should be a completely different matter.

A modern, home spa has highly efficient filtration and some spas, such as the Sundance Spa range, even have UV filtration that will kill over 99% of all waterborne bacteria; although they still need some chemical sanitisers to be added to the spa water.

A properly maintained home hot tub is a perfectly safe place for you and your family and surely that makes sense; after all, people buy a hot tub for their health as much as relaxation and fun.

"Hot tubs need a lot of looking after"

Not true.

Just a few minutes a week should be all the maintenance your hot tub needs.

Check the pH and sanitiser levels before each use, wipe the cabinet down clean the cover. There is some simple information about the chemicals your hot tub needs here and once every three months you should drain and refill your spa.

"All hot tubs smell like chlorine"

No they don’t, and they certainly shouldn’t.

The smell of chlorine is actually a sign that something has gone slightly wrong. Either there is too much chlorine in the water or the water needs to be shocked as the chlorine smell is actually caused by chloramines, which are formed when the sanitisers break down dirt and bacteria in the water.

"If you have an ozone system, you don't need to add chemicals"

Absolutely not true.

Ozone reduces the need for spa chemicals, but doesn’t do the whole job. Even with an ozonator you still need chlorine or shock to completely sanitize your hot tub.

"You can save money by buying a cheap hot tub"

A cheap hot tub may cost less upfront, but it will cost you far more in the long run.

Cheap hot tubs are less expensive because they have less insulation, less efficient pumps and heaters, thin covers, and cut other costs during manufacturing. All of those things will cost you more money over time.

Since cheap hot tubs are less efficient than more expensive, energy-efficient models, they have higher operating costs. They may well break down and, at that point, you’ll also discover that they have a shorter warranty.

"The more jets a hot tub has, the better"

The more, the merrier doesn’t apply to jets.

The quality, position and performance of the jets is much more important than their number. Some jets massage while others pulsate, some will give a deep massage while other are more soothing.

Sundance Spas, for example, have jets that can be adjusted so that each bather gets the hydrotherapy from the jets that is exactly right for them.

"More pumps and more horsepower means a better hot tub"

Often, quite the opposite is true.

Cheaper hot tub manufacturers put in two or three smaller pumps rather than one appropriate pump in order to save money – and of course three pumps are three times more likely to develop a problem than one pump.

As for the power rating, that can be misleading too.

The power rating applies to the electric motor in the pump but that isn’t the only thing that defines the water flow. The impeller, which drives the water flow, needs to be efficient as does the quality and design of the plumbing.

The best way to decide on the right hot tub for you is to take a wet test and the best dealers of the most reputable brands will be happy for you to do that.

We hope that this article has cleared up a few myths about hot tubs.

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